About the board game

MONEY WISDOM COMPASS is a board game aimed at children. The game is educational and entertaining!

In the board game, the players are Admiral Alpas, whose goal is to answer money wisdom questions, buy and sell products (gold, silver, diamonds) on the market, avoid dangers on the sea voyage, and finally collect as much game money as possible. The winner of the game is the one who collects 100 euros first!

The instructions contain a variety of terms of monetary wisdom and ideas that parents and teachers can use to discuss while playing with children.

It is a charity project. During the first round 32 schools received board games, during the second round we cooperate with the NGO Igavene Heategu and at the beginning of the year 2023 will give out the board games for 33 schools. The revenue from the games sold in the Alpa kids e-shop goes to the creation of new games to enable even more schools (and why not, kindergartens too!) to have their own games.

Learning through game helps children acquire wisdom with greater enthusiasm and thus remember more. Our wish was to make a real board game so that children would have the opportunity to get together, communicate and discuss the topics of money wisdom. So that they have a board game that encourages them to think, is developmental and at the same time, offers the opportunity to try out teamwork. And that it would be so enticing that you would want to play more than once. The Money Wisdom Compass is exactly that!

Inaugural event of the Money Wisdom board game
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About us

The creators of the game are three enterprising women, Triin Ott from Admirals, Liisi Kirch from the Ministry of Finance and Kelly Lilles from ALPA Kids.

The three women decided to change the way we are used to talking about money with children. They have created a fun and engaging opportunity to develop children’s financial literacy. By sharing their knowledge, the enterprising trio created a board game that is perfect for school, kindergarten and home.

Triin, Liisi and Kelly believe that financial matters should be discussed at an early stage. This is how children get the best experience and lessons on how to handle money skilfully later in life. Have fun, good luck and gain exciting knowledge!


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I round schools chosen for charity programs to receive money wisdom board games.
Laagri Kool
Laagri Huvialakool (rahatarkuse ring)
Mooste Mõisakool
Meremäe Kool
Toila Gümnaasium
Jõhvi Põhikool
Osula Põhikool
Noarootsi Kool
Tallinna Kesklinna Põhikool
Uulu Põhikool
Kadrina Keskkool
Mängides Targaks huvikool
Abja Gümnaasium
Tallinna Nõmme Gümnaasium
Paldiski Gümnaasium
Juurikaru Põhikool
Jakob Westholmi Gümnaasium
Kose Gümnaasium
Albu Põhikool
Kindluse kool
Heimtali Põhikool
Pärnu Waldorfkool
Saue Gümnaasium
Jäneda kool
Kuressaare Nooruse Kool
32 Keskkool
Harkujärve Kool
Sindi Gümnaasium
Tabasalu Gümnaasium
Kabala Lasteaed-Põhikool
Väike-Maarja Gümnaasium
Pärnu Vanalinna Põhikool
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II round schools will receive money wisdom board games at the beginning of 2023. During the II round we cooperate with NGO Igavene Heategu.
Rääma Põhikool
Kõmsi Lasteaed-Algkool
Ristiku Põhikool
Orissaare Gümnaasium
Vändra Gümnaasium
Lüllemäe Põhikool
Kärla Põhikool
Narva Vanalinna Riigikool
Lohusuu Kool
Põlva Kool
Tamsalu Gümnaasium
Rakvere Reaalgümnaasium
Räpina Ühisgümnaasium
Häädemeeste Keskkool
Lindi Lasteaed-Algkool
Paide Hammerbecki Põhikool
Valjala Põhikool
Tartu Hansa Kool
Tsirguliina Kool
Juhan Liivi nim Alatskivi kool
Ilmatsalu Põhikool
Kohila Gümnaasium
Hageri kool
Rapla Vesiroosi Kool
Oskar Lutsu Palamuse Gümnaasium
Võru Kesklinna Kool
Antsla Gümnaasium
Viljandi Jakobsoni Kool
Põltsamaa Ühisgümnaasium
Adavere kool
Lustivere kool
Kaarli Kool
Valga Põhikool
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Admiralsi Rahatarkusepäev 2024

Admirals Money Wisdom Day 2022

Board game launching event 2022



    Triin Ott

    Admiral Markets AS
    Maakri 19/1, 10145 Tallinn